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Allergy Relief in Richardson, TX

Optimum Wellness Solutions provides BioVeda allergy relief services in Richardson, TX. Call 972-671-2225 to learn more or schedule your first appointment.

The BioVeda system combines biofeedback with laser technology to scan the body for physiological responses to 8,000 different substances, from foods to chemicals to environmental allergens. It determines exactly how the body is affected and then sends the frequencies needed to support healthier physical responses.

The theory behind the treatment is that each cell in the body executes roughly 30,000 biochemical functions, and that each cell has a memory. Resetting the cells’ negative responses rebalances their energy, eliminating stress on a cellular level and promoting current and future health.

Many patients find that their allergy symptoms are dramatically reduced or even eliminated in just 10 to 20 visits. Because allergies are believed to play a role in certain chronic conditions including immune disorders, BioVeda technology can have a strong impact on these conditions as well.

The system requires no shots, no drugs, and no painful treatments. This simple and painless treatment methodology resets the body’s response to stressful stimuli. It is a holistic solution to a stubborn yet extremely common problem, gently restoring optimal health and wellness.

If you are ready for a better approach to treating your allergies and immune disorders, call Optimum Wellness Solutions today at 972-671-2225 to learn more or schedule your first visit.