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The staff of Optimum Wellness solutions has over 50 years of combined experience, providing health and wellness services to the Richardson and North Dallas communities. We believe people in our community are being robbed of the quality of life they deserve because of misconceptions about health and wellness. People use medication to solve lifestyle and energy problems even though their bodies are not deficient in chemicals. These medications cause dependency and compound existing problems, deteriorating their lives on all levels.

Ray Nannis, DC

“My step father had been going to a chiropractor since chiropractic had saved him from surgery due to scoliosis. When I was a tween, I remember waiting in the truck, playing with the 8-track (yes it was that long ago), while he would go get adjusted and come back feeling better. I never really thought much about it. The summer when I was 14, my mother slipped and fell in the kitchen. We had just changed the linoleum floors to tile; wet dogs and tile are a bad combination. If you have ever seen a loved one have an accident right in front of you, you know how it happens in slow motion; it looked like I could have run over there and caught her. But that was not reality. She fell hard, and she was mostly incapacitated. She tried the typical medical approach, but nothing worked. She was flat on her back for most of the summer. She was a teacher and needed to go back to work. So my mother, at my stepdad’s insistence, begrudgingly agreed to go to his chiropractor. After a few visits she started to improve and was able to go to work. It took a few months, but she fully recovered.
My parents’ doctor had a Friends and Family Day and they brought me into the office for a checkup. The doctor said I had some problems, and if we chose to do nothing and it would degenerate and I would crawl into his or another chiropractor’s office in a decade or so, or we could get my spine corrected now. So we started care for spinal correction. After a few weeks my daily headaches became every other day and after a few month only once or twice a month. So I went from 356 headaches a year to 12-24. After a few more months my mother asked if I needed any more allergy medication. I told her I had stopped taking it. She asked how was I breathing. The only change was chiropractic. So I asked my chiropractor if he had helped my headaches and allergies. He shared with me three facts that changed my life:

  1. The body is designed to be healthy
  2. The natural healing ability of the body can be interfered with physically, chemically, and mentally
  3. If we remove the interference, the body will return to health

I fell in love with these ideas and at 14-15 years old, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.”

Ray Nannis, DC, Richardson TX

Dr. Ralph Stokes

“I grew up as a typical kid who played many sports, mainly football, tennis, and track. I remember at age 16 I hurt my back in football, and my coach told my dad to take me to a chiropractor. I recall the chiropractor ‘bounced up and down on my back’ for a few weeks, and I recovered from the injury. This was my first experience with chiropractic. During my college years, I majored in pre-med and worked as a physical therapy aide in the P.T. department of a large hospital. I saw a lot of people die, both young and old. I had a very hard time accepting these losses and could not understand why medicine could not do better at restoring people’s health.

Fast forward a few years to my late 20’s. I was a semi-pro tennis player. With an overly aggressive serve, I hurt my back again playing the sport I loved. I had a back spasm so strong it curled me into a ball like a cat. I had forgotten my previous success with chiropractic. For several weeks I followed my primary M.D.’s instructions of taking drugs. I recognized not only that it was not working, but one of the drugs he gave me caused a terrible headache that was 100 times worse than my back pain. I called the primary doctor and was told that the drugs were the only thing that would help. I was totally depressed and dejected that I could not play tennis anymore. Fortunately, a friend of mine reminded me that I should try a chiropractor. He suggested one who treats some of the Dallas Cowboys. I went because I knew how well I did at age 16, my first sports injury. Sure enough, after a few weeks of treatment I was well again.

The chiropractor had a sign in his office that said ‘Urgently Needed – more Doctors of Chiropractic.’ I discussed this with him and he said with my pre-med degree I could easily start chiropractic school. So I did!

I have been practicing for 25 years. My first 12 years were my own private practice in Richardson, Texas. I then joined the spine surgeons as a chiropractor at Texas Back Institute. After five years, they decided to take out chiropractic and focus only on surgery. I went to Oklahoma for three years to replace a chiropractor who passed away. I wanted to return to Dallas, and I found Dr. Nannis at Optimum Wellness Solutions.

There are different ways to look at chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, as many chiropractors do, the adjustment can be viewed as a modality for pain control. Dr. Nannis taught me that the adjustment is about removing the interference on the nervous system, which in turn not only reduces pain, but restores the body’s function and wellness. This philosophy is now the cornerstone of my treatment protocol . This is what has restored my health.

I look forward to sharing this with you very soon.”

Dr. Ralph Stokes, Optimum Wellness Solutions, Richardson TX

Stevie, Office Manager

I became a member of the Optimum Wellness Solutions team in April of 2005. I had applied a few months before, and I thought Dr. Nannis had ignored my resume, but I was persistent.   My passion for chiropractic is deeply rooted in the impact it has had on my daily life. Before finding chiropractic, I suffered with debilitating migraines that limited my ability to function.  At that point in my life, I had a migraine almost daily and was unable to perform most daily functions independently. I was unable to drive or make social plans because I never knew when the migraine would hit.  After starting chiropractic care in 2005, I started to notice that I wasn’t having as many migraines. Very quickly, I went from daily to once a week, to once a month, and finally to almost nonexistent. The impact that it had on my life was profound.  I was able to drive myself places, make social engagements with friends, and finally start to enjoy some of my hobbies again (I have a lot of them)..

Shortly after joining the team, I became a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, a Licensed Non-Certified Radiologic Technician, and became CPR certified.  I have an Associates of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, which I use to help reinvent foods in a healthier way. I focus on gluten free and allergy-friendly cooking.  I enjoy baking, reading, family road trips, and spending time with my husband, Sonny, our son, Tristan, and our Golden Retriever, Shiner (yes he is named after the beer).

Ray Nannis, DC, Richardson TX

Elizabeth, Front Desk Assistant

I was raised in an Air Force family and have lived all over the US, Canada, and Japan. The military life was an enjoyable experience for me and my brothers. We appreciated meeting new people and discovering new places.

As a child, I remember my dad suffering with back pain. He visited a chiropractor on base and always felt better after receiving treatment. This made an impression on me, and I worked in orthopedics in Las Vegas. This was my dad’s last station before he was transferred to Alaska — I decided not to go from 110℉° to 0℉ — so I moved to Texas in 2003. I found a job in Dallas with Dr. Lee, a chiropractor, and spent almost 15 years in his office until his retirement. After that, I was fortunate to find employment with Optimum Wellness Solutions. I am amazed at the benefits of chiropractic. I have ongoing issues with neck pain and Dr. Nannis and Dr. Stokes have, through muscle work and adjustment, helped decrease my pain.

I am an avid reader, enjoy working in the yard with my husband, Jim, and spending time with my two grandchildren, Lily and Sam.

Dr. Ralph Stokes, Optimum Wellness Solutions, Richardson TX

Award-Winning Care

Optimum Wellness Solutions has been honored to receive the National Chamber of Commerce Best Chiropractor in Richardson award for eight consecutive years. Ray Nannis, DC, was named Chiropractor of the Month by On Purpose in November of 2012. He was Seminar Consultant of the Year for the Parker School for Professional Success in 1999 and has been a guest speaker at Parker College of Chiropractic and the Massage Institute of Texas. Dr. Nannis maintains a certification in Meridian Therapy. He is proud to have attained the designation of Eagle Scout.

Award Winning Care, Richardson TX
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