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BioVeda Centers are excited to offer you the latest technology in the treatment of allergy symptoms.

The state-of-the-art technology offered by BioVeda Centers has been proven effective in relieving the symptoms associated with allergies such as hayfever, foods, grasses, pollens, dust and dust mites, cats, caffeine, dairy, fruits, molds and more.

This unique treatment method combines the principles of traditional acupressure with the latest computer technology to effectively assess and treat symptoms at the source -- the immune system. As allergies are an "error" in which the body's immune system inappropriately responds to a harmless substance, our treatments work to correct this error so that your body's immune system no longer reacts inappropriately. As a result, symptoms previously experienced such as sneezing, itching, headaches, fatigue, acid reflux, IBS, etc. are no longer experienced.

Most importantly, our treatments are non-invasive (no shots), drug-free, and affordable! We are committed to providing you with the lifestyle you deserve.

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