John and Maria Hobach

The first thought that comes to mind is... Thank You Dr. Nannis!! Ever since we've begun our chiropractic care, our entire family has been noticeably more healthy and alert. Our son, Matthew has asthma which rarely bothers him anymore, and our daughter, Angela is doing great as well. I used to get a lot of sinus headaches due to allergies. I still get them once in a while, but thanks to my regular treatments they don't last very long. I can honestly say I feel much more alert, agile and overall "good" since I've started seeing Dr. Nannis. I've seen good progress due to my regular treatments and plan to keep them up for the rest of my adult life--hopefully a LONG, LONG time. Angela and Dr. Nannis have been great!! They always seem to have a smile on their faces. Whenever we've had some problem or needed to juggle our schedule, they've always been more than helpful. Once again, I say...Thanks!

Dan Germain

I started seeing Dr. Nannis at the end of August 1998, after taking advantage of the great deal that they were offering for x-rays and examinations. I had been having occasional headaches which grew into a severe headache every single day. It wasn't a case of if I was going to get a headache, but when. After the x-rays Dr. Nannis told me that I had six subluxations in my spine! I've never had a major accident, but normal wear and tear had taken its toll. Dr. Nannis started me on an aggressive plan to reverse these problems. Within one week of adjustments, I felt better already! Dr. Nannis told me it could get worse before it got better. It did get worse for a short time, but quickly I got to the point of no headaches at all!! I've been seeing Dr. Nannis for six months and have a year to go if all works out well. I'd like to take this time to thank Angela and Dr. Nannis for the great care that they have given to me and so many other people, and for improving my quality of life!

Peggy Perry

I made the first appointment to see Dr. Nannis because the stiffness in my neck and shoulders was a constant reminder of the problems of growing older. After just a few appointments I feel like a kid again--well maybe not a kid, but at least 20 years younger. The big surprise was the complete relief from my other physical problems. High blood pressure and food allergies have ruled my life for many years. The medical doctor's advice was not to eat the foods that caused the discomfort and the rash, and to take life easier even had rest as much as possible might help the blood pressure problem. I'm smiling inside all the time now--I can eat anything! But even more fun was watching my long time doctor mutter to himself as he tried for the third time to get the usual "high" blood pressure reading last time I went to his office for my regular check up. Thank you, Dr. Nannis, you have worked wonders.

Lynne Houghton

The continued success in my treatment has been to me nothing short of a miracle!! It takes complete dedication from not only the patient, but the physician as well. Dedication and commitment describe Dr. Nannis and his practice! As a health professional, my goal is to help others. To date, every person I have sent has also experienced improvement and success. It's very rewarding for me to see their quality life increase. That's what it's all about!

John Bartz

Thank you for all your help! It's only been a little over a month since I've been a patient at your facility, but what a month! I feel great-not just good, but great! The main reason I began seeing Dr. Nannis was that I wanted to improve my overall general health. WOW! Did I ever. It's been years since I've felt this much energy and stamina. I'm in the training business and work some very long hours at a high stress level. When I show up at home now, I'm not run down and dragged out anymore. There's a lot more life in me now and I owe it to Dr. Nannis and chiropractic care. I have begun to run and exercise again and with his nutritional help, I'm dropping a few of the pound's I no longer need. At 51, I can honestly say I didn't believe I could feel like this. I can't wait to go and exercise or jog now-it's become fun, not drudgery.