Before and After Testimonials

Donna had allergies for 50 years. She had a severe allergy to bananas, mold, and cats. She was stuck in her house when someone in her neighborhood mowed the grass or if the wind was blowing pollens around. She would get 3 to 4 sinus infections a year for the past 40 years, and taking antibiotics every time she got sick resulted in her body becoming resistant to the medications. In the last 5 years, to try and fix her sinus symptoms, she underwent 3 separate sinus surgeries.

Donna started allergy treatments with Dr. Nannis in November 2009. Dr. Nannis found numerous other things that Donna was allergic to that the three Allergists she went to throughout her life didn't find. Dr. Nannis discovered that all her stomach problems were caused by dairy products, which none of the Allergist had discovered.

Since Donna's treatment she has not had a sinus infection in a year, she now eats bananas whenever she wants, and she can eat dairy products without any stomach issues. Donna lives on a golf course so being able to go outside whenever she wants, even when the course is being mowed or it is extremely windy, is a relief. Donna now can be around cats, even on her lap, without having any allergic reactions.

"Since there are no shots and it doesn't hurt, I recommend this allergy treatment to everyone" - Donna