IBS and Digestive Discomfort

digestive 20and 20irratable 20bowel

In a new study at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Mary C. Tobin and colleagues found that the likelihood of Irritable Bowel Syndrome was significantly higher in patients with allergies, eczema, and depression. Various findings suggest that allergen exposure may lead to Irritable Bowel or IBS symptoms.

The research further suggests that these allergy triggers are not limited to foods! Airborne allergens also seem totrigger IBS. Lastly, stress may be most directly correlated with IBS and digestive discomfort.

Once again, our technology and devices do not diagnose or treat IBS or other digestive conditions. Through NSRT and the reduction or elimination of stress patients report significant symptomatic relief and improvement related to cramping, gas, bloating and diarrhea.